Daily Specials

                              Our Daily Specials


All of our Daily Specials are “Subject to availability”…meaning if the roads are blocked due to snow or other unforeseen circumstances, we may not have them that week… Trust us, it does happen occasionally !!!



Tuesdays: Pulled Pork Tacos $2.00 ea or 3 for $5.00


Pictures coming soon




Wednesdays : Brisket Nachos $11.50








Thursdays : Beef Ribs $17.50 per “Bone”




Food Coma Fridays: A “Special” Offering from the Pitmaster that varies week to week…


Saturdays: Brisket Chili $5.00 per 16 oz cup



Sundays: Bacon, Brisket and Cheese Stuffed Baked Potatoes $10.50









All prices do not include Sales Tax or requested “EXTRAS”