On Trolls, Friends, a Death in the Family and our first radio ad…

I (once again) apologize for not being “on top” of this blog like I want to be.

First, let me get this out of the way:

On August 1st, my father passed away. It was something I knew was going to happen due to declining health since my mother’s passing less than a year before. Running the joint has given me little to no time to grieve his loss properly and I know it’s going to catch up with me sooner or later…hopefully later. I got the Certified Death Certificate in the mail and it hit me pretty hard so if I seem a bit distracted, please forgive me. To Mom and Dad: I love and miss you both terribly.

OK !! On to the more entertaining stuff everyone seems to want.

The friends I am making since opening the joint are truly fun, unique and WILDLY entertaining. I used to think mechanics and construction workers were a scream to hang with. Turns out secretaries, fire fighters, lady Sheriff’s Deputies, UNR kids, Nevada DOT workers, bookkeepers, radio DJs and tattoo shop owners (along with a whole host of others) are some of the best and funnest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

It takes a whole hell of a lot to make ME shoot food out my nose (usually I am the instigator of said mayhem) but it is turning into a full scale laugh riot here when we get our regular crew of rather “normal” people in here and then they start in… The lady deputy that stood up, grabbed her gun belt and started jumping up and down. Swear to gawd, she was holding her “utility belt” ( including a “Bat-a-rang” and “Bat Grapple” ) and jumped up and down so as to, in her words, “Compact everything so I can finish this damned sammich!!!”

Laughing so hard you shoot Hawaiian bread out you nose is not funny…for the victim. For everyone else it’s a riot.

Then we have a guy that comes in on a semi regular basis that could pass as “The Crusher” from a Bugs Bunny cartoon…He is a BIG DUDE, and just as nice, as friendly and as fun as anyone I’ve ever met…I think I have a picture somewhere here… yeah…here he is:

The Crusher

I keep telling him he needs to work on his legs…

I keep explaining to The Princess (AKA my wife, AKA She Who Must Be Obeyed, AKA “Shorty” [she’s 5′ 3/4″ and I’m 6’3″] ) when I actually get to see her, that I really don’t have “customers”, I have friends who buy food from me…And 99.99% of the people that come through here are just the nicest people you’ll ever meet in your life.

Then there’s the “Trolls”.

I am, contrary to many varied opinions, a human being. Not terribly intelligent, but not stoopid either… I _DO_ make mistakes. It happens. and when it does, I do everything in my power to fix it. I will literally look you in the eye, apologize, refund your money AND remake your food and do everything I can…right up to groveling. (Troy don’t grovel. Ain’t gonna happen.) Yesterday we literally chased a car through the parking lot because _I_ forgot a customer’s corn bread. Maybe someone else would say “Oh, well…”

Uhhh…not me.

1) Someone PAID money for that corn bread.

2) I hate when it happens to me.

3) It’s the “right thing to do”.

I have nearly fired staff for not giving out portions I thought were generous enough. And still I get trolled…

“The beans were too hot. The sammich was too cold.I’m sick and it didn’t taste good.” Really? Uh, I watched you Hoover that thing down in your car right outside my window. You didn’t come in and say anything? You admit your sense of taste is shot yet you complain about the taste? How can I fix ANYTHING if you wait 6 hours, go home and blast me in a review ? If you had stepped back in after Hoovering your “terrible” meal, or even called me, I would have refunded your money and more than likely given you credit to eat for FREE when you felt better… Since we so utterly failed you that you had to carpet bomb us in a review even when I reached out to you to try and fix the issues you had…what, exactly, can I do? I have no idea how to make it right. And that, for me, is just frustrating beyond all measure.

If anyone has ideas, I’m all ears…

Then we come to our final item before I have to slave away over hot smoked meats and deal with goof-ball employees… Our first radio spot.

I am of two minds on this:

1) It is over the top.

2) It is SO over the top, that it pretty much fits hand-in-glove with all the other stuff we do. Like the tin signs we have hanging all over the walls that still make me snicker when I see them. Or the picture of “Our Founders”:

founders pic 2

You can hear our first ad here:


Yeah, it’s pretty much ridiculous…just like us…

Lets us know what you think. Call or stop in. We can either feed you or talk your ear clean off or, hell, be adventurous, we can talk your ear off while you eat… Orrrrrr…you could just come in, get yer food and GET OUT!!!