Give it a rest, will ya ???

Know Thy Smoker, Know Thy Brisket

Hello, once again, Ladies, Gentlemen and Everyone Else who would like to identify as what you would like to identify as. Personally, I identify as a Complete Idiot and, truly, I am at peace with that decision. Anyway… Since, as I write this, it is a very clear-skied Monday Morning (trust me, it’s Reno, there […]

Technical Travesties

November 12, 2017 You know it’s funny how often I get here at 0’dark thirty everyday and ponder the meaning of my BBQ Joint existence… Like last night, as my head hit the pillow, ready to dream a little dream, I was startled back to reality as The Boy (aka my son) called me and […]

2 Wins and 2 Losses

Ya know… Life is hard. There is work, love, sleeping occasionally, more work and then living with both wins and losses… Had a couple of wins and losses in the last week or so. and though they certainly aren’t “earth shattering”, they all hit the ground rather hard. I kinda figured that those who happen […]