Where is everybody ? Bueller? Bueller???

Know Thy Smoker, Know Thy Brisket

Hello, once again, Ladies, Gentlemen and Everyone Else who would like to identify as what you would like to identify as. Personally, I identify as a Complete Idiot and, truly, I am at peace with that decision. Anyway… Since, as I write this, it is a very clear-skied Monday Morning (trust me, it’s Reno, there […]

Technical Travesties

November 12, 2017 You know it’s funny how often I get here at 0’dark thirty everyday and ponder the meaning of my BBQ Joint existence… Like last night, as my head hit the pillow, ready to dream a little dream, I was startled back to reality as The Boy (aka my son) called me and […]

2 Wins and 2 Losses

Ya know… Life is hard. There is work, love, sleeping occasionally, more work and then living with both wins and losses… Had a couple of wins and losses in the last week or so. and though they certainly aren’t “earth shattering”, they all hit the ground rather hard. I kinda figured that those who happen […]