This Week’s Friday Food Coma 12/15/2017

This Week’s Friday Food Coma will be…

Bacon and Brisket Sourdough Slammers

Good “Twelve Days Of Christmas”, “2nd Day of Hanukkah” Wednesday Morning, Internet Friends!!! Troy, your incredibly Boneheaded Pitmaster (Stupidicus Cookus Overnightus Rex), with this Friday’s Food Coma Announcement.

Sourdough Bacon and Brisket Slammers !!!

Yes, we take 2 pieces of Sourdough bread, plop ’em in a small pool of clarified butter which, by the way, is resting comfortably on a 350 degree griddle, add 4 slices of Tillamook Cheddar Cheese, Bacon and Brisket and slap it all together. Be nice and we’ll even cut it in 2 for you !!!

$11.00 + tax gets you out the door with one of these Food Coma inducing, Diet Destroying, Masterpieces of Edible Culinary Art !!! ( Wow, my 3rd grade edjumication is showing there… Did ya see that ? Huh Huh? Did ya? )

Friday, December 15th ONLY !!!






And a SUPER Special Treat for all those who have bothered to scroll down this far:

Just a little video that makes me giggle insanely as I lock myself away in the smoker for a bit of “rest”… Yes, let’s call it “rest”, shall we ??

Not “Confinement”…

“Confinement” sounds….so…RESTRICTIVE !!!




 A reminder of our Daily Lunch Specials:

Tuesdays – Pulled Pork Tacos
Wednesdays – Brisket Nachos
Thursdays – Beef Ribs
Fridays – Journey into the unknown with the Friday Food Coma
Saturdays – Brisket Chili
Sundays – The Super Stuffed Baked Potato



Again, we HIGHLY recommend that you get ’em while we got ’em because, when we run out, we run out, close the doors, turn off the lights and go home. If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll let you know what we’ve got left.


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We Open at 11am Pull Pork Taco Tuesdays through Bacon and Brisket stuffed Baked Potato Sundays until 6pm unless we run out earlier…