This Week’s Friday Food Coma 10/13/2017

This Week’s Friday Food Coma will be…

Good Morning, Facebook Friends !!! Sorry the Friday Food Coma notice is late, we’re still recovering from the Ravenous Mob (BTW Ravenous Mob is the name of my new band !!!) who stormed the joint last Friday.

Seems you people are pretty serious about your Mac and Cheese, eh?

Well we’ll just have to see what we can do about that…

Anyway this week’s Friday Food Coma will be Baby Back Pork Ribs !!! Still $22.50 for a full rack, smoked Low and Slow for tenderness and flavor.

And be aware, Troy is working on a Sammich for NEXT week that will be putting all his other creations, not to shame by any means, but it’s gonna be a real DOOZY !!! I’ll even give you a hint:

3 kinds of cheese.

Onion Roll.

Grilled Onions. (and, NO, not those “things” some others call grilled onions, but honest to gawd, 2 hour slow grilled in butter and bacon grease, “BY GAWD, THEM ARE SOME GRILLED ONIONS!!!!” grilled onions.)

Look for the announcement next week.

Until I get a chance to yak at cha again, Love You Long Time !!!


Sparks and Smoke BBQ Takeout

2900 Clear Acre Lane (Right next to the Port Of Subs, 1 block west of 395 on North McCarran)
Reno NV 89512
United States of America
Latitude 39.56 Longitude -119.79


Open Pulled Pork Taco Tuesdays through Stuffed Baked Potato Sundays (Closed Mondays)

11 am to 6 pm “unless we sell out earlier”


A reminder of our Daily Lunch Specials:

Tuesdays – Pulled Pork Tacos
Wednesdays – Brisket Nachos
Thursdays – Beef Ribs
Fridays – Journey into the unknown with the Friday Food Coma
Saturdays – Brisket Chili
Sundays – The Super Stuffed Baked Potato



Again, we HIGHLY recommend that you get ’em while we got ’em because, when we run out, we run out, close the doors, turn off the lights and go home. If in doubt, give us a call and we’ll let you know what we’ve got left.


2900 Clear Acre Lane (1 block West of 395 off of North McCarran, right next to the Port Of Subs)
Reno NV 89512
United States of America


We Open at 11am Pull Pork Taco Tuesdays through Bacon and Brisket stuffed Baked Potato Sundays until 6pm unless we run out earlier…