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Welcome to

Sparks and Smoke BBQ Takeout

We ARE the

“Home of the Food Coma”.

Come on in, have a Sammich and see what we mean.

Located at:

2900 Clear Acre LN., Suite U-1 
Reno, NV 89512

(right next door to Port Of Subs and across the parking lot from 

Nevada Vapes – Reno’s BEST Vape Shop)

Open Tuesday Through Sunday (Closed Mondays)
11:00 am until we run out (or 6 PM, whichever comes first)

UPDATE 1/142017

Well, since we have been getting a whole bunch of NEW folks coming in to The Joint, I figured it’s about time we “refreshed” the WELCOME page…

It’s been quite the Roller Coaster Ride since we started back on April Fool’s Day 2016, but one thing hasn’t changed:

We still refuse to take shortcuts or compromise on what WE feel is the right way to make BBQ…


We are proud of what we produce and if keeping to our own high standards means we have to spend more time here making sure it comes out right, we would certainly rather do that than serve product WE feel is inferior.

Sorry, kids, but, we ARE NOT going to settle on so-so food.

And while I got ya:

Some questions have come up from people wanting to know “Who we are and what we’re doing.”

We are a BASIC BBQ joint. We have a short menu for a reason. Instead of 4,322 items to choose from, we serve THE BASICS:

Pulled Pork, Certified Angus Beef Brisket, Curly’s Brand, St. Louis Style Pork Ribs, Iron Pot Beans, Corn Bread, Cole Slaw and our own “Homemade” Gooey Butter Cake.

( Actually, we make the Gooey Butter Cake right here in The Joint, but our resident Marketing Genius thinks “Homemade” just sounds better…and since I spend more time here than at the place I actually have my bed, pillows and favorite blanket, it MIGHT AS WELL be “home” !!! )

Anyway, since no one is coming in to our little joint to play marbles or lawn darts, it’s all about the food.

We make all our BBQ, from the beans to the sauce to the ribs…all in house.

The decor ? Yeah, it’s nothing to write home about and we’re not really worried about it.

Yeah, the floor looks like 423 miles of bad road, the place is a bit cramped, supply boxes are all over the place, but it’s clean and it smells like… BBQ !!! And, really, the “decor” is just a distraction while you wait, which, unless something goes terribly wrong, won’t be very long at all. We invite you to peruse the miscellaneous ramblings of the owner that litter the wall, as he is a rather opinionated, former mechanic with a worn out filter…meaning “Political Correctness, what’s that?”

We _DO_ have a few tables and chairs if ya wanna sit a spell. And tell ya what… We don’t even charge you extra to sit around and play with your phone while you eat…

Piped in MUZAC… Uh, really?

Everything here is done by hand by a BBQ Pro, who trims each and every butt and brisket by hand.


Our scrawled sauce ( I would say “Signature” but 1: that’s too fancy and 2: that’s too fancy ) is made right here. They’re from our own secret recipe and come in 3 varieties:

White Collar – Nice, complex flavor, but no real “bite”, good for kids and others who don’t like it too spicy. And, like all of our sauces, it doesn’t have a heavy “vinegary” taste.

Blue Collar – Our “regular” sauce that has just the right amount of “KICK”…on the backside. It tastes just as good as the White Collar, but as soon as you go in for your second bite the first one starts hitting the back of your throat with a mild heat and a nice pepper bite.

Doo Rag – The Mad Dawg Renegade Sauce. This is our spiciest “regular” sauce. It’s not gonna make your hair fall out or set your tongue on fire but you will feel the heat from the extra amount of fresh peppers, pepper oils and other ingredients that make this one “the sauce your Mama’s friend, Madge, (yeah, the one with the yippy, little Pomeranian) warned you about”…

Then there are “THE ADDITIVES”

Hazard Pay – Hazard Pay is based on our White Collar Sauce with the addition of Trinidad
Scorpion Peppers and Carolina Reaper Peppers. Not REALLY hot, but pretty warm.

USED CAR SALESMAN – Based on our Blue Collar Sauce, we double the amount of Trinidad
Scorpion Peppers and Carolina Reaper Peppers. Now yer gettin’ some serious heat.

DEAR GAWD !!! – DEAR GAWD !!! sauce has to be mixed in pure UNOBTAINIUM  vessels because everything else melts… This sauce is based on our Doo Rag Sauce and has an enormous amount of Trinidad Scorpion Peppers and Carolina Reaper Peppers. Why ? Well, because we can !!! We have determined that WE the members currently working at this joint should not be the only one surrounded by things that are “hot” so we, out of the kindness of our hearts, decided nothing could be better than having customers sweating, screaming, crying and what have you all because they thought they could “take it”…

NO!!! – 3 words: Spontaneous Human Combustion. I will say this, it DOES taste REALLY GOOD…which you’ll notice right before you end up looking like the two knuckleheads in Raiders Of The Lost Ark who decided that opening the Ark Of The Covenant was a “Good Thing”… Folks, this stuff has TWICE the firepower of DEAR GAWD !!! I once gave some to a Neutron Star (better known as a “BLACK HOLE“) friend of mine and he spit it back out… That gives you some idea of it’s potency.


What’s with the names?

Well, the thing is…the Owner/Pit Master was a mechanic for 38 years and spent 13 of those in Phoenix Arizona. He named the sauces after what he felt were the “conditions” he had to deal with:

White Collar: Sitting in an air conditioned office… no heat to speak of.

Blue Collar: In a bit of heat, but the shop has swamp coolers.

Doo Rag: The sweat is getting in your eyes because it’s 8 AM and 110 degrees outside.

Hazard Pay: There is danger there but, you’ll probably be OK…probably…

Used Car Salesman: Starts off nice and sweet …then you start getting burned up.

Dear Gawd !!! : If you have to ask, you should probably just avoid it…no, really !!!

No!!! :  If it’s too freakin’ hot for a COLLAPSED STAR, maybe you should think twice…


What’s with you not being open when I come by?

Be aware: We will only be open until we run out of food, then we’ll put up a sign and turn off the lights and start on the next load of meat for the next day of business.

WHY ???

Pork Butts HAVE to smoke for a MINIMUM of 12 hours, brisket a MINIMUM of 14 hours… Hell, our beans smoke for at least 6 hours!!!! There is no, “can’t you just make more ?” so please don’t ask. Our smoker will be at capacity every day we cook. We’ll make as much as we can and then when it’s gone, it’s gone until we make more.

Folks, it’s BBQ, it’ll be done when it’s done…there ain’t no rushing it. You’ll understand it when you try it. If you don’t understand, then there’s nothing more I can do to explain it.

And that there is the reason our motto is:


It’s not that we don’t want you here, it’s that you have places to go and things to do… We want you to get yer food and go do whatever it is you wanna do…QUICKLY !!! If you wanna sit here and get yer ear chewed clean off by the gang here talking about whatever, fine. We can do that, but, really ?

We’re about THE FOOD.


Please check back again for more news as we update the sight at least semi-annually.

Also, check out our Facebook page ( Sparks and Smoke BBQ Facebook Page ) for our occasional “Secret Menu” items (limited time, special offers, etc) and contests.

If you want or need to, you can contact us at troy@sparksandsmokebbq.com.

Thanks for visiting.